BioHellenic - Company in Σπάρτη , Ελλάδα - Allbiz
    BioHellenic - Company in Σπάρτη , Ελλάδα - Allbiz
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    BioHellenic - Company in Σπάρτη , Ελλάδα - Allbiz

    BioHellenic, Σπάρτη Παραγωγός

    BioHellenic, Σπάρτη
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    Сompany address: Σπάρτη , Ελλάδα
    Sparta Laconia
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    BioHellenic is infamous for its proud tradition of high quality and much sort after organic and non organic oranges originating from the fertile Spartan and Laconian region. Annual estimations reach between 4000-5000 tons of organic oranges while non organic oranges are estimated between 80,000 – 100,000 tons. Products include: ORANGES Navel Newhall Navelina Washington Navel Salustiana Valencia LEMONS Annual estimations: 1,000 tons MANDARINES Clementine annual estimations: 500 tons BioHellenic finds itself in the perfect ecological and geographical position to provide the best oranges to the world while using our state of the art certified machinery to insure maximum quality and freshness every time, ALL THE TIME!

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